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April 2017
Diagnostic techniques in two rare canine conditions
Aideen Moore MVB GpDI, locum for the Pet Emergency Hospital, The Irish Blue Cross and Villages Vets, Argyle and Bainbridge, Co Dublin, outlines a case report featuring two rare conditions – perinephric cyst associated with a ureteral fibroepithelial polyp and suspected subclinical chronic pancreatitis in a dog

Stem cell therapy
Dr William McCartney MVB Dipl ECVS DSAS (Orth) PhD MRCVS RCVS VCI and ECVS recognised specialist, North Orthopaedic Animal Hospital, Dublin, discusses mesenchymal stem cells and their role in successful stem cell therapy

UCD Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories: an overview
The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories are an integral part of the UCD Veterinary Hospital with their primary role to support the clinical teaching of the School of Veterinary Medicine, writes Dr Bryan Markey MVB PhD MRCVS, associate professor of veterinary microbiology, School of Veterinary Medicine, University College Dublin

March 2017
Change to EBI base means refocusing of genetic targets
George Ramsbottom, dairy specialist, Teagasc Oak Park, discusses the Economic Breeding Index and how its changes will affect the breeding targets for Irish dairy herds

Herd health challenges in springtime
Eoin Ryan MVB MVM DipECBHM, assistant professor in farm animal clinical studies, University College Dublin and European specialist in bovine health management, writes that is imperative that farm animal veterinarians respond to meet the herd health demand at springtime

Periparturient immune suppression in dairy cows
Niall Jackson MVB MSc, ruminant technical consultant – Ireland, Elanco Animal Health, outlines how to maintain dairy cow health during the critical early lactation period

Beef cow research programme
Assessing the impact of infectious diseases on key reproductive and health traits in Irish suckler beef herds, is outlined by Dr Mervyn Parr BAgrSc PhD and Professor David Kenny BAgrSc PhD DipStat DipMolMed DipLeadDev, Teagasc, Animal and Grassland, Research and Innovation Centre (AGRIC), Grange, Co Meath; and Damien Barrett MVB MVM MSc Cert CHP DipECBHM, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Backweston, Celbridge, Co Kildare